Slow, predictable and boring

By Djross
Written October 03, 2010
Another case of bait and switch from the movie studios. Don't give into the hype from the trailer. This movie starts slow and lacks any kind of momentum to carry thru to the end. The so-called scary parts are really just your run of the mill loud sounds by off-screen actions. The actors do their best, but the unimaginative story wins is a lost cause. The end is predictable and deflates any kind of suspense one may have had. Save your money and wait for the DVD.
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Five Word Review

By Inginia
Written October 03, 2010
thriller outstanding scary must see
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No thanks.

By musiclovr528
Written September 25, 2010
This movie is very disturbing. And similar to Omen. Yes, the acting was good but that's about it. I wouldn't recommend it.
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Case 39

By filmlover67
Written November 01, 2010
Without giving anything away, this movie wasn't what I expected, but it went in another direction that was pretty good.
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case 39

By lilianalesso
Written October 06, 2010
veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy god
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