Case 39 comes out of closet in the worst possible way!

By beamerboy
Written September 30, 2010
There is normally a good reason why a film studio would decide to "shelve" a completed movie after negative test screenings. Especially, when what's broken, can't be fixed. This was one of those movies. Mis-cast actors, with little to no direction. Even the great Ian McShane was wasted in this movie. The trailers actually reveals everything, so when you watch the movie, there are no suprises to be revealed. Shot in 2006, Case 39 was released overseas in 2009, also to negative feedback. Whatever possessed Paramount to release the film in theaters in the US four years after they made it is beyond me. Paramount should have took it as a sign when the studio and sets burned down on Halloween 2006, that this movie was doomed. Don't waste your money. It's already on DVD overseas, and will be out of American theaters in 2-3 weeks for sure.
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This movie was very good

By j2508
Written January 18, 2010
Now I know that people rip on this movie because they feel like its just another Orphan or Omen, but that doesn't take away from the fact that its a good movie. I haven't seen a good horror movie in quite some time, but I'm glad I saw this. I mean Daybreakers was kind of a let down for me and don't get me started on the other crappy movies: Sorority Row, Jennifer's Body, Etc. Now if you could watch any of those movies then I am positive that anyone who knows a good horror movie will enjoy this. Also Renee Z does some great acting might I add.
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Just in CASE you plan to miss this one...

By catnmouse
Written October 02, 2010
I love suspenseful, scary movies. However, I go to see them with low expectations these days since they just aren't as good as they used to be. Case 39 has all the ingredients.... good acting, interesting story, suspense, intense moments followed by a good jump!! Renee Z shows her versatility in this one and the little girl at the center of case 39 really delivers in a roll that few child actors/actresses could play well. Some have given this movie a thumbs down because of the disturbing nature but scary movies are supposed to be disturbing. My only criticism is that the premise of the story is too well accepted by the characters a little too quickly which, of course, makes it more unrealistic but at the same time it keeps the movie rolling and the suspense builds easily. Just don't have real high expectations - make sure you have some hot buttered popcorn or Milk Duds, the fizzy drink of your choice and you will enjoy this movie if scary is your thing!!
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Case 39

By Drez_Digital
Written August 20, 2010
The terror factor is on full blast in this film Which works well and keeps it gripping.
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By lyndibeth
Written December 04, 2016
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