Case 39 Synopsis
A social worker learns that there is more than meets the eye to a girl she saved from abuse.
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Case 39 comes out of closet in the worst possible way!

By beamerboy
There is normally a good reason why a film studio would decide to "shelve" a completed movie after negative test screenings. Especially, when what's broken, can't be fixed. This was one of those...

This movie was very good

By j2508
Now I know that people rip on this movie because they feel like its just another Orphan or Omen, but that doesn't take away from the fact that its a good movie. I haven't seen a good horror movie in...

Just in CASE you plan to miss this one...

By catnmouse
I love suspenseful, scary movies. However, I go to see them with low expectations these days since they just aren't as good as they used to be. Case 39 has all the ingredients.... good acting,...

Case 39

By Drez_Digital
The terror factor is on full blast in this film Which works well and keeps it gripping....

By lyndibeth

Five Word Review

By Queen_Dessie
suspense thriller must see loved...


By agaphmou
I went to see it with my brother.We are both horror movie fans and we are very picky about the movies we see.We thought this movie was very good.It has a nice twist and an exciting ending.I would...

Worth a Watch

By XoTinioX
After seeing trailers and previews for this movie, I went into it with expectations, as I'm sure you will too. However, this film certainly throws you for a definitely don't get what...

Case 39

By Phil M
This movie is a great movie because it definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat. There was never a dull moment throughout the movie, and is definitely one that will be added to my own movie...

Better than I thought!

By maritza1224
I usually am a little skeptical about seeing scary movies because most of the times they are not so scary but this was actually pretty intense and had me on the edge of my seat! Definitely a must...

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Rated R | For violence and terror, including disturbing images.
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Dull "killer kid" tale features violence involving children.
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