Cas Anvar

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 William H. Macy Room
2015 Wendy Crewson Room
2015 Joan Allen Room
2015 Michael Paré The Vatican Tapes
2015 Djimon Hounsou The Vatican Tapes
2013 Amanda Donohoe Air Force One Is Down
2013 Linda Hamilton Air Force One Is Down
2013 Jeremy Sisto Air Force One Is Down
2013 Naomi Watts Diana
2013 Juliet Stevenson Diana
2011 Jake Gyllenhaal Source Code
2011 Scott Bakula Source Code
2011 Jeffrey Wright Source Code
2009 Isabella Rossellini The Phantom
2008 Tom Skerritt Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
2004 Peta Wilson False Pretenses
2004 Tom Hanks The Terminal
2004 Diego Luna The Terminal
2004 Stanley Tucci The Terminal
2004 Michael Nouri The Terminal
2004 Catherine Zeta-Jones The Terminal
2003 Peter Sarsgaard Shattered Glass
2003 Ted Kotcheff Shattered Glass
2003 Hank Azaria Shattered Glass
2003 Melanie Lynskey Shattered Glass
2003 Steve Zahn Shattered Glass
2003 Chloë Sevigny Shattered Glass
2000 Diane Venora Race Against Time
2000 Eric Roberts Race Against Time
2000 Cary Elwes Race Against Time
2000 Chris Sarandon Race Against Time
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