one of the best

By JHXander
Written July 05, 2007
This is one the best movies ever and if you have not seen it then you should.
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By benford03
Written December 02, 2016
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Everybody comes to Rick's

By jennk29
Written February 17, 2007
If you've never seen this one, you should definitely see it. It's got drama, comedy, intrigue and classic lines like "Here's looking at you kid." Best movie ever made - period!!
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Just saw it again for the first time.

By Sgaustin71
Written April 24, 2017
Watched it on the big screen in a theater. TCM had a special event and my son and I went. After 70 years this movie is still spectacular. From chaos came a masterpiece of film history. After seeing it on the silver screen I can bear to watch it on tv again. But I will.
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one of the top ten films EVER

By Moviedude
Written June 17, 2007
Nothing much to say except see this classic absolute masterpiece.Full of intrigue,and fantastic performances,and you can't forget"Here's looking at you kid"
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