Casablanca Synopsis
A man who owns a nightclub during WWII is needed to help his old flame's husband leave the country.
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Five Word Review

By redyeah
Epic, amazingly acted, brilliant story...

The Perfect Movie? Pretty damn close

By nina554
What a perfect evening, pizza and Casablanca on the big screen. The acting in Casablanca is very good but not The Best Ever. The dialog ranges from laugh out loud funny to patriotic and romantic,...


By El Morningstar
Truely a great experience to see this on the big screen. Nastagia is one of the great effects of the human emotion and this really brought that out. It was great to see this on the big screen and if...


By amyk68
Truly amazing on the big screen! I've seen this movie at least a dozen times on a tv but there is so much I missed. No comparison!...

CASABLANCA: A Movie Lover's Dream

By lugubriousthespian
As a prime example of supreme Hollywood movie-making at the height of the Studio System, Michael Curtiz's CASABLANCA stands high above many of its contemporaries as an unsurpassed achievement of...


By kellystasik
What a great movie for Valentine's week. I had never seen the entire movie, and never on the big screen. Show it again......

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By butobase68
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Casablanca . . . enough said

By gkfoster
This was the first time I watched this movie on the Big Screen. I haven't been to a sold out movie is some time, something that won't happen often with new releases. However, this movie was sold...

By Deucey
The greatest love story ever told, and the sacrifices we have to sometimes make for it. Not to mention an all star who's who of some of the greatest characters of their time or any other...

By alexandra.n.reece

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Rated PG
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Common Sense Media says Brief violence and lots of tension in top-notch classic.
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