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Cars 2 Synopsis
Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) and Mater travel overseas for the World Grand Prix.
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Butchered Sequel!

By pictouch
I was kinda excited to see that they were promoting Cars 2. The first one was very good, so I thought Disney would not disappoint me with it's sequel. I was so flabbergasted... First off, there is...

Very Disappointed

By zvmom
We loved the first Cars movie. It was everything a family movie should be. We were really looking forward to Cars 2 because all the hype was that it is better than the first. WRONG. It is too...


By jacqueline0121
My husband & I brought our 2 1/2 Yr old Toddler to see Cars 2 yesterday. This was our first official visit to the theater with our toddler to watch a movie together as a family. We all had such a...

awsome fun for the entire family

By theonore
I can not beleve all the people complaing about this movie when we rented it for family movie night one night and it was fine the so called violence only made the story more intresting for us and we...

Animation/graphics are excellent.Story leaves much to be desired.

By akantsios
Animation/graphics are excellent.Story leaves much to be desired. Movie is all over the place. Wait for this one to hit movie channels at home or via subscription service. Our kids, 4 and 2, didn't...

My son loved it

By roadrunnerkn
The disney franchise for Cars is a gold mine. Any grade school or toddler boy would fall all over it like a fat kid to cake. I stayed awake for the whole movie but wasn't exceptionally impressed...

Surprisingly Violent

By KimBongiorno
Shooting, killing, cars dying, seeing dead cars...I was very surprised to see the turn this movie took. Considering how kind and kid-friendly Cars was, I was blown away that someone decided to make...


By jess crush
this movie was one of the best animated mpvies of the year i do not get why everyone is giving it sutch a hard time it was fun fast paced and enjoyeable what more could you ask for in a summer than...

Under 8? Go for it!

By FrozenFear
Only a year late, I review this film. My theory is that the higher-ups at Pixar said, "Hey, 'Cars' made us money and everyone loved 'The Incredibles'. How about we combine the two and remove all...


By diet pepsi
we rented this movie and realy liked it i dont get why everyone is complaingin about the level of violence in this movie it was just a good action adventure for our entire family and we all loved the...

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Rated G | For Violence
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Common Sense Media says Cars sequel revs up action and mixes in spy thrills.
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