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Just ok

By djkoerbe
Written June 26, 2011
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Cars 2

Written July 05, 2011
So I took my 7 year old daughter to see Cars 2 since we both enjoyed Cars so much. I was a little bit disappointed in the sequel. One of the things that made the first movie so appealing to my daughter was the soundtrack. I don't recall any music in Cars 2 and if there was it was so unnoticeable that I don't remember it. I don't think my daughter was following the storyline with Finn McMissile & Mater and would have enjoyed more racing scenes. I think Disney/Pixar could have done better for this sequel.
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Cars 2

By slaney01
Written June 30, 2011
This movie is not for young children. It is a cartoon version of 007 complete with torture, gun fights, and lines such as "kill McQueen." Many children were crying. My older children enjoyed the movie. We saw it at an IMAX 3D. The 3D was outstanding! Cars 2 teaches a good lesson about friendship and pride.
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Cars 2

By robiname
Written July 02, 2011
Even better than the original.
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Cars 2 definitely a "must see"

By Lance399
Written June 25, 2011
I took my great-nephew (almost 6) to see Cars 2; never having seen the first. I was amazed at how much I enjoyed it! The car characters ranged from a OO7 type spy to the Pope and Queen of England. It was not what I expected at all. See it in IMAX or 3D for best effects.
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