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Don't listen to the critics...go see Cars2!!

By Cachriste
Written June 26, 2011
I read the Associated Press review (the one with clunker in the title) and marvel at the author's jaded intellectually superior perspectives. If you only read critic's reviews and miss out on viewing this movie with your child, it would be a shame. As with all Pixar films, the visuals are stunning but the Cars have character and, particularly Mater, heart. The anti big oil was a bit overdone but other than that, an engaging film that had my son and I gripped with suspense, laughing and it even allowed me to explain spy movies and James Bond, something to look forward to when he's older. does have a fair amount of tension. Read a Cars2 book before you go to set expectations and let your little one know everything will be okay.
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Cars 2 3D review

By PrincessJenah
Written June 25, 2011
awesome! for kids and parents and race car drivers too!!!
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Great for kids.

By healthcarenikki
Written November 15, 2011
Cars 2 was pretty good. The first one was 10x better. The best part of Cars 2 was Mater and I was not too pleased with the storyline, however, it is a great movie to take your children to see.
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Cars2 rocks!

By JoeGood
Written June 30, 2011
Mater was awsome in this one.
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By lostgirlfan324
Written July 23, 2012
this was a very good movie it was good but guess what while I am writing this I looked over at the tweets that people posted and at the top it said Cars 2 not appropriate for children if its not for children then why do a lot f kids see it and own the DVD it is for children all of the pixar movies are for children
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