• Released
  • September 4, 2009
  • PG-13 , 1 hr 24 min
  • Disaster Film
    Sci-Fi Disaster Film


By beauheads
Written August 07, 2009
It's so cool! If you like Chris Pine, don't miss it!
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Why is no one promoting this movie at all?

By calicokelly
Written September 10, 2009
This movie is much more deserving of tv spots and internet ads/buzz than the normal 'horror/thriller' movies that get all that press. The cast is excellent. The pacing is great. This is not a slasher, gore movie. This is an intelligent, well crafted, drama set in a thriller framework. Sadly I was about the only one in the theater due to not even the staff at the theater knowing what this movie was about. I will say that did help to contibute to the movie's themes of silence and loneliness. Moral dilemas about and this movie is not didactic in any way. Go see it if you'e lucky enough to find it in theaters. Fandango doesn't even list it on their movie drop down and it came out last Friday!! At the very least rent it. It doesn't fit into easily sellable and frankly that works to its advantage. It's a swell little film. It's not supposed to be 28 Days Later or Dawn of the Dead or Outbreak. Kudos to the directors and writers. I bet the screenplay was amazing!
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Carriers - a waste of time...

By joeblack1998
Written September 06, 2009
A virus is quickly wiping out mankind. And those who have not been infected have one priority... survival. That means killing others for gasoline, food, whatever. It also means abandoning any of your group that becomes infected. Don't think that it is anywhere close to being as good as "Road Warrior". Some sites have described this movie as a zombie movie (kinda like 28 Days), but it is NOT. In fact, a half dozen zombies would have made it a MUCH better film. The acting, directing, writing, cinematography, etc. was all fine. The plot was the major flaw (imagine a REALLY boring version of "Outbreak"). Your best bet is to skip this movie altogether.
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Best Movie no one has heard of

By jeffro888
Written September 14, 2009
I gotta admit, I wasn't expecting much when i went to see this movie. Figured it would be another cliche of predictable scenes and plot. But it wasn't, this movie was more about how or what people are capable of in order to preserve their own existence. This movie had me guessing who, if anyone, would make it to the end of the movie. The best horror type movie I have seen this year.
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Five Word Review

By nipper
Written September 09, 2009
Unrelentingly bleak view of humanity
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