Wasn't a fan

By moviesb4tv
Written October 20, 2013
I was expecting a scary movie, but you can watch all the good scenes in the commercial. Wasn't worth the price of a movie ticket..wait til it comes out on redbox
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By kasey.nipper
Written October 26, 2013
To the silly male reviewers who just can't see Chloe Grace Moretz in this role because of the unrelenting bad-ass-adores she has consistently played before this role and a a result gave a not so great review to this awesome movie, shame on you. You obviously have not listened closely enough to the women in your life to understand the powerless rage and mystical wrath that inside most pubescent girls. In fact most women. If you are now or have ever been a female, or know one really well, go and see this movie, it's worth the time and money. Well done Chloe Grace Moretz, you made me adore you even harder.
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Carrie Bought Back To Life

By Freddy Ransom
Written October 20, 2013
overall the film was amazing. Chloë Grace Moretz made an amazing Carrie, and Julianne Moore played Margret so well. I guess fans of book, such as myself will be pleased with it. at first i was a skeptic, but as soon as the film began, the original story was bought to life on screen and it was just entertaining from beginning to end. if you're going to go and see this film for cheap scares, don't waste your time. the real scares are in the story lines, which i'm thanful to say that the crowd that was in the theatre with me were able to pick up on. i plan to see it again with my friends. thumbs up to director Kimberly Peirce for truly bringing Carrie back to life.
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Did this need to be remade???

By MrsH625
Written November 11, 2013
Although relevant to the current, sad bullying trend that is sweeping our nation, I came away feeling this film added nothing new to the story. I felt like I was watching a rehash of the original. The main characters of Carrie and Mrs. White seemed to written with more complexity but the rest of film was a rehash of the old film, in my opinion. The supporting actors were hammy. Chloe Grace Moretz' performance was adequate. Julianne Moore's Mama White was appropriately creepy given that Piper Laurie's performance was refreshingly new and terrifying in the Brian DePalma version. Ms. Moore actually gave Mama White some humanity in her tortured insanity. The special effects were of course modern and gratefully not overdone. This film is not for children.
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By daffydj
Written October 28, 2013
Took my 14 year old son who had never seen the original movie to see this remake. I thought I would be bored as I remembered and enjoyed the original one so much. Well was I ever surprised!! The young actress who played Carrie and Moore who played her mother were excellent! The movie moved along well (though some of the suspense held by the original was missing) and the story was still great for a horror flick. My son thoroughly enjoyed it and even said it was kind of disturbing. So Carrie has passed the test of time and Stephen King..kudos to you again for a great horror story!
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