Carrie (2013) Synopsis
A reimagining of the classic Stephen King horror tale, starring Chloe Grace Moretz as the shy Carrie White, a girl with special powers who's outcast by her peers and sheltered by her deeply religious mother (Julianne Moore).
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Carrie Not So Scary

By MedRed
This reboot of Carrie is a modern take on the original novel with a lot of material from the first movie thrown in. The main actors do a decent job, but some of the supporting cast were a little...

Carrie was weak

By rgharris0313
Although the special effects were cool - the originally is definitely better. It was actually kind of boring. I think producers should've capitalized on the book version and really blow the movie...

I had fun, more true to the book.

By richardmaynard
I didn't like the original *gasp!* but I went with my teen last night because she's a huge Chloe fan. I was a little worried about content, but having read the book I knew what to expect and there...

Cloe killed it!

By Pa3cya
I'm not a big fan of remakes but this one I am. The acting was excellent. The build-up was awesome! They really did a fantastic job with Carrie!...

Good movie

By violagirl37
I saw this movie on opening night. It was not nearly as crowded as I expected it to be. Overall I enjoyed the acting and scenes in the movie. To me, it seems like a much darker version of the movie...

Not a good horror movie

By jhs39
Horror is a director's genre more than any other and Kimberly Pierce was clearly a very bad fit for this material. She gets strong performances from her entire cast but approaches the material as if...

Was expecting more

By seanraysf1
I had been waiting for this remake for a while - I loved the book, and the first movie. And what the original movie lacked in sticking to the book, this new version also strays from that AND does not...


By _CoconutGirl1961
Followed along pretty well, with the original. They did not have YouTube back then. I think it as nicely done. They really dida great job, making Julianne Moore, look UGLY! Because she is a beautiful...

Mild Version

By Jay6
The movie scenes were updated by the use of good special effects. The acting was fair. The movie started off somewhat slow, but ended up very creepy like the original version. I enjoyed the movie....

Good flick

By ltownsend42
The movie was a good high school revenge flick. It was entertaining from beginning to end, not to mention Julianne Moore killed it as Carrie's mother! Overall not as creepy as the original but a...

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Rated R | For bloody violence, disturbing images, language and some sexual content
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Common Sense Media says Bloody horror remake focuses heavily on bullying, revenge.
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