• Released
  • May 3, 2013
  • (Limited)
  • NR , 1 hr 25 min
  • Drama
  • 1 Fan Rating


The sum of the film is greater than its parts, and while it does make demands of its audience, the cumulative emotional impact is startling.
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The New York Times

With low-key, almost guileless performances, the film demonstrates that no matter how intelligent, well thought out and potentially enlightened a current sociological method (e.g., the “loving intervention”) may be, people will always find a way to turn it into something ludicrous, aggressive or both.
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Village Voice

Clark lures you into the chaos through beautiful visuals like the sparkly evening lights of an L.A. dinner party, and the night's principal characters, two attractive brunette sisters...Both irritate. That's the gist and charm of this family's dynamic, which is so real that at times it's unbearable.
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Time Out New York

Before long, the film spills over into a far less intriguing, and somewhat questionable, portrait of one hysterical woman.
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Slant Magazine

Because the whole thing feels so amateurishly improvised, Caroline and Jackie doesn't so much enter into Michael Haneke territory as slip backward, over a banana peel, into some bad-faith parody of the same.
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