Disturbing Film

By johnboy32064
Written January 12, 2012
Excellent acting by everyone. Jodie deserves a nomination. I hadn't seen the play and had didn't read reviews, so I didn't recall the plot. It was a difficult film for me to sit through--not because of the fact it's essentially a filmed play--and the dialogue doesn't easily transfer to film, but the fact that, while obviously funny in scenes, I didn't laugh once. The underlying passive agressiveness and utimate hostility of Kate and Christophe's characters are so palpably disturbing I couldn't find humor, even in the funny parts. I left very disturbed by the film, but I will say, I've never been so shaken by a film. Not perfect, but worth seeing. Actually quite haunting.
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By mmageeusa
Written January 16, 2012
There are good to great performances by the 4 actors but the story is like watching Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolff for couples! It's not a film for the light at heart!
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By touchofevil59
Written January 18, 2012
This movie shows what happens when diplomacy fails. Two couples get together to discuss a fight that their children had but along the way their true self's emerge and things turn ugly. Jody Foster and John C. Reily play the couple of the child that was hit and Christoph Waltz and Kate Winslet play the couple of the child that was the attacker. What starts off as a calm discussion devolves into yelling and fighting between people who are up right citizens but have a lot of personal issues. Everyone in the movie played their roles well so well that you kind of dislike their character. Jody Foster is the over liberal person who feels that she is right about everything. Christoph Waltz is the business man who lives on his phone. Kate Winslet is the business woman who is mostly concerned with outer appearances and John C Reily is the everyday man trying to keep things in order. The whole movie takes place in an apartment which adds to the tight feeling when the characters argue.
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Top 5 so Easily!

By NassaDane
Written February 24, 2017
So wonderful! This movie had so much to it. The fact that there are only 4 characters that stay in one apartment the whole time is perfect. The characters break down into their most basic and true forms throughout the film and the ride through these transformations is a thrill. I was laughing so much. This year wasn't very potent with strong films like other years but this movie gave me hope that movies this great are still coming out. You end up pretty much hating all the characters and then loving them then hating them again all throughout the film and I loved that. Bliss in Movie Form.
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Carnage....leave the kids at home.

By mangoface
Written January 22, 2012
Very entertaining, dark humor, and I would see it again. This is adult conflict, marital conflict, self-worth, economic status, and conflict avoidance, all coming at you from each of the four actors. The evolution of the conflict, especially when alcohol is added to the mix, is fascinating to watch. Every married couple will see a little bit of themselves, from at least one of the actors, at some time in this very enjoyable, fast-paced drama-comedy. Kate Winslet looks great! Jodie Foster is an amazing banshee!
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