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A polite meeting between two sets of parents descends into chaos.
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Disturbing Film

By johnboy32064
Excellent acting by everyone. Jodie deserves a nomination. I hadn't seen the play and had didn't read reviews, so I didn't recall the plot. It was a difficult film for me to sit through--not because...


By mmageeusa
There are good to great performances by the 4 actors but the story is like watching Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolff for couples! It's not a film for the light at heart!...


By touchofevil59
This movie shows what happens when diplomacy fails. Two couples get together to discuss a fight that their children had but along the way their true self's emerge and things turn ugly. Jody Foster...

Top 5 so Easily!

By NassaDane
So wonderful! This movie had so much to it. The fact that there are only 4 characters that stay in one apartment the whole time is perfect. The characters break down into their most basic and true...

Carnage....leave the kids at home.

By mangoface
Very entertaining, dark humor, and I would see it again. This is adult conflict, marital conflict, self-worth, economic status, and conflict avoidance, all coming at you from each of the four...

Interesting, not something I would see again.

By uleij
The entire time, i was wondering what was the point of this movie. It was great writing and wonderful acting but I couldn't help but be baffled by the unrealisticness of the entire situation. I...


By onemovieaweek
Amazing movie. Laughed, rationalized, sided, reacted. One of the reasons for choosing Carbage were the actors and of course they were amazing. I would highly recommend for adults who love movies...

Worst movie of the year

By Tom_S
I enjoyed the play, but the movie just does not work at all. Four very talented actors, but all I can guess is that the director let them astray. This is supposed to be a COMEDY, but instead they...

Theatre gone "positively" mad

By shermnpat
Go see this! If you like plays you will feel like you are there. The interplay between the couples is fascinating and it is disturbing and intriguing to see how the alliances shift throughout the...

Powerful Performances By All.

By Al P
This film’s an eclectic situational examination in parenting turned psychological introspective. It focuses on four distinctly different personalities, superbly executed by "A" list players. One...

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Rated R | For Language
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Talky play-based film examines parental woes; some swearing.
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