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By opera_singer1
Written September 20, 2014
This production is a wonderfully updated 21st century rendition. Full of lively exuberance and very human angst. It doesn't cost an arm and a leg to see a live performance at our premium opera theater, the Metropolitan, when you go to an HD production in your home town theater, as we did. It is the classic, dramatic love story. These new generation opera singers are really depicting the characters of the story as an actor would in a play. Yet they are singing their roles extremely well. This opera also has songs and music that are very recognizable. People who don't very often think of going to an opera would find they can relate very well to this particular opera. It is the most recognizable opera in the world. My advice is GO! You won't be disappointed.
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By montana7444
Written June 20, 2013
As wonderful as it is to go to the Met in NYC and see the live performance of an opera, this presentation of "Carmen" was even better than sitting in a seat at the Met.
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Carmen - Met summer encores

By ssalter881
Written October 21, 2014
The HD cinema version of the Met's lavish treatment of Bizet's classic was a delight. Elina Garanca, as Carmen, was in fine full voice and stunningly beautiful. The fine tenor Roberto Alagna was effective and moving as the hapless lover. Special commendation is due to the orchestra under French-Canadian conductor Yannick Nézet-Séguin: the familiar score was presented with flash and style. The large supporting cast of singers and dancers were superb, although the closeup shots of the TV production lost some of the staging effects. A series of set changes took us inside and outside the walls of Seville, into the mountains with the smugglers, and perhaps least realistically but most effectively into a tavern for key scenes, including the flower song by Alagna.
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By mkahana
Written June 20, 2013
A wonderful experience. I have seen Carmen in a live production, but this is a very different experience. You can not only hear the music, but also see the acting, face expressions and movements. Elina Garanca as Carmen is unbelievable. A great singer, beautiful and sexy. The dancing is top notch. Highly recommended.
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The Met: Live in HD performance of Bizet's Carmen

By janiematthews
Written September 22, 2014
I've seen this film of the Met's recent production at least three times now, and it never ceases to move and amaze me. The emotional intensity of the acting and the sublime singing of the leads, Elina Garanca as Carmen and Roberto Alagna as Don Jose, are truly spectacular, and the evocative staging and costuming, updated to the Spanish Civil War period, works perfectly. And of course, Bizet's music is always simply gorgeous. A passionate rendition of a classic tale of passion!
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