Carmen 3D Synopsis
Georges Bizet’s popular opera Carmen in 3D is a dazzling film directed by Julian Napier filled with some of the best-loved music ever written, performed by some of the world’s greatest singers

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Carmen 3D

By ondria1st
Loved it! Will be back! Best seat I've ever had at the Opera. You see & hear every thing....


By dimaggio
The Opera and its story is just exceptional. Seeing it in the movies in 3D was as if I had front row seats in the opera house theater. It was a most wonderful and enjoyable experience for my wife...

Carmen 3D Must See It

By dragonflydf
Didn't know what to expect from an Opera in 3D. It was very good. Never get a chance to get that close to a live performance! Wonderful. Everyone should give it an opportunity!...

Thought I Did Not Know the Opera

By olinoid
Although I've seen very few films of operas, I was more than surprised how much I liked Carmen 3D. I had never seen Carmen live. I thought the only aria I knew was THE TOREADOR SONG. How happy I...

3D Carmen

By joypassionart
Opera needs 3D like Carmina Burana needs subtitles. It was distracting to the point of annoyance. Whose marketing idea was this?? Opera audiences consist mostly of mature persons, many of whom...

Really good but fire the guy who did the subtitles

By VermithraxDagon
Really enjoyed it in 3D but since the subtitles where a light blue, we could hardly see what they read against most of the dark backgrounds. Why not have them in red or another color that at least...

Carmen in 3D

By BlueTopaz
It was absolutely fabulous. It was as if you were right there!!...


By prettykitty00
I was taken-aback when some of the orchestral music from Carmen was missing from the movie; but I was glad to have stayed through the credits at the end, because that is when the missing music was...

Carmen 3D

By johnkern
One huge gripe which applies almost to all movie theater presentations: The audio volume is way to high; I presume because too many people bounce about with their ear buds at a volume set so high...

Good - 3D is novel but not necessary.

By ediebeales
I favor the European Operas in HD at Silverspot Cinema; with such a great selection of performances....

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Rated PG-13 | For Some sensuality