Waste of time and money.

By harry_palm
Written October 14, 2010
Something is going on. I just watched this movie on Cable. It was either on Sundance or IFC. Bad acting from everyone around. You can take my word for it, or you can go watch it and waste your money. Have a good one.
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Carlos the jackal

By Drez_Digital
Written November 18, 2010
Engaging political thriller showing the rise of the infamous title character well acted.
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A Monster of a film!

By dambo729
Written October 24, 2010
In the average time it takes an average person to finish a marathon you can watch this epic film depicting the life of a Venezuelan terrorist. It lasts five and a half hours and you will be entertained throughout. The film was shot in several different countries during the span of seven months, and all in the real languages the characters would use in real life. Edgar Ramirez, the star of the film who portrays Ilich "Carlos" Ramirez, does a wonderful performance showing the charisma and bravado that Carlos has in real life. If you have time go ahead and watch it in one sitting or you can see it in parts as they are clearly made into three parts by the filmmaker.
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Another Incredible Thriller by the French!

By macktan
Written November 21, 2010
French filmakers are hot! If you've seen Un Prophete, Mesrine 1 & 2, Tell No One, and Anything for Her (new remake The Next Three Days--a duplicate), then prepare yourself for another edge-of-your-seat thriller. Carlos (the Jackal) started out as a revolutionary, but along the way became a political assassin used largely by the Mid East and east european countries to do their killing. In the Ludlum books, he is often a target of Jason Bourne, and has become myth in many spy and black ops literature. He is still alive, imprisoned, and trying to control rights to his story from a cell. He is a highly educated psychopath and played to perfection by the "asset" in Bourne Ultimatum. The movie starts out with Carlos admiring his body, particularly his privates, and ends ironically on the same subject. I've seen the long version -- 3 parts broadcast on the Sundance Channel--5 hours run time that covers his entire career. If an art house is showing that one -- see it.
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Shortest 5 1/2 hour movie ever!

By drhumbert
Written October 26, 2010
Carlos is smart and entertaining; it moves quickly like a thriller, but, at the same time, it offers a complex portrait of Carlos and the times in which he operated. Olivier Assayas at his best and a remarkable performance by Edgar Ramirez in the title role.
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