Carl Gerard
Date of Birth
Sep 28, 1885
Birth Place:
Copenhagen, Denmark


A dark-haired, mustachioed supporting player from Denmark, Carl Gerard (born Carl Gerhard Petersen) made his Broadway debut opposite John Barrymore in Kick In (1914) and later appeared with the Manhattan Stock in the popular farce Brewster's Millions. Moonlighting in movies in the daytime, Gerard appeared opposite Theda Bara in The Vixen (1916), starred as a young minister solving a robbery case in The Little Samaritan (1917), and was Porkovitch in Crime and Punishment (1917). In the 1920s, he often appeared as the "Other Man" or a cad, losing Alice Lake to Rudolph Valentino in Uncharted Seas (1921) and causing his brother (Mahlon Hamilton) to spent time in jail on his behalf in Under Oath (1922). Gerard would appear in four films with the brunette Miss Lake and three with Ethel Grey Terry. He married the latter in 1922. Retiring after only a couple of minor roles in talkies, Gerard later became a ticket clerk at a Los Angeles racetrack. He committed suicide on January 6, 1966, the 35th anniversary of the death of his wife. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

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