Carl Faulkner

Worked With

Year Name Title
1949 Arthur Kennedy The Window
1949 Paul Stewart The Window
1949 Bobby Driscoll The Window
1949 Ruth Roman The Window
1947 George Meader Crossfire
1947 Kenneth MacDonald Crossfire
1947 Sam Levene Crossfire
1947 Steve Brodie Crossfire
1947 Lex Barker Crossfire
1947 Gloria Grahame Crossfire
1947 Philip Morris Crossfire
1947 Paul Kelly Crossfire
1947 Robert Ryan Crossfire
1947 Robert Mitchum Crossfire
1947 Robert Young Crossfire
1947 Charles Bickford The Woman on the Beach
1947 Joan Bennett The Woman on the Beach
1947 Irene Ryan The Woman on the Beach
1947 Robert Ryan The Woman on the Beach
1946 John Ince Crack-Up
1946 Damian O'Flynn Crack-Up
1946 Dick Rush Crack-Up
1946 Al Hill Crack-Up
1946 John Indrisano Crack-Up
1946 Horace Murphy Crack-Up
1946 Herbert Marshall Crack-Up
1946 Pat O'Brien Crack-Up
1946 Sam McDaniel Crack-Up
1946 Wallace Ford Crack-Up
1946 Claire Trevor Crack-Up
1946 Tommy Noonan Crack-Up
1946 Ellen Corby Crack-Up
1946 Philip Morris Crack-Up
1946 Ray Collins Crack-Up
1946 Dick Ryan Crack-Up
1946 Philip Morris Deadline at Dawn
1946 Walter Soderling Deadline at Dawn
1946 Dick Rush Deadline at Dawn
1946 Billy Wayne Deadline at Dawn
1946 Joe Sawyer Deadline at Dawn
1946 Lola Lane Deadline at Dawn
1946 Dorothy Granger Deadline at Dawn
1946 Susan Hayward Deadline at Dawn
1946 Dick Elliott Deadline at Dawn
1946 Joseph Calleia Deadline at Dawn
1946 Jerome Cowan Deadline at Dawn
1946 Marvin Miller Deadline at Dawn
1946 Osa Massen Deadline at Dawn
1946 John Ince Deadline at Dawn
1946 Paul Lukas Deadline at Dawn
1946 Mary Field Lady Luck
1946 Robert Young Lady Luck
1946 Forbes Murray Lady Luck
1946 Lloyd Corrigan Lady Luck
1946 Harry Davenport Lady Luck
1946 Sam Harris Lady Luck
1946 Frank Morgan Lady Luck
1946 Bert Moorhouse Lady Luck
1946 James Gleason Lady Luck
1946 Douglas Morrow Lady Luck
1946 Dick Elliott Lady Luck
1946 Lorin Raker Lady Luck
1946 Jane Greer Sunset Pass
1946 Frank O'Connor Sunset Pass
1946 Steve Brodie Sunset Pass
1945 Anne Jeffreys Dick Tracy, Detective
1945 Alphonse Martell Dick Tracy, Detective
1945 Robert Douglas Dick Tracy, Detective
1945 Franklin Farnum Dick Tracy, Detective
1945 Jane Greer Dick Tracy, Detective
1945 William Halligan Dick Tracy, Detective
1945 Lyle Latell Dick Tracy, Detective
1945 Milton Parsons Dick Tracy, Detective
1945 Tommy Noonan Dick Tracy, Detective
1945 Mike Mazurki Dick Tracy, Detective
1945 George Magrill Dick Tracy, Detective
1945 Wilbur Mack Dick Tracy, Detective
1941 Marjorie Weaver For Beauty's Sake
1941 Ned Sparks For Beauty's Sake
1941 Lois Wilson For Beauty's Sake
1941 Ruth Warren For Beauty's Sake
1941 Richard Lane For Beauty's Sake
1941 Margaret Dumont For Beauty's Sake
1941 Joan Davis For Beauty's Sake
1941 Isabel Jewell For Beauty's Sake
1941 Cyril Ring For Beauty's Sake
1941 Tully Marshall For Beauty's Sake
1940 Cornelius Keefe Saps at Sea
1940 Bob McKenzie Saps at Sea
1940 Mary Gordon Saps at Sea
1940 James Finlayson Saps at Sea
1940 Oliver Hardy Saps at Sea
1940 Stan Laurel Saps at Sea
1940 Ben Turpin Saps at Sea
1940 Ed Brady Saps at Sea
1940 Gene Morgan Saps at Sea
1940 Charlie Hall Saps at Sea
1937 Jane Darwell The Great Hospital Mystery
1937 Sig Rumann The Great Hospital Mystery
1937 Joan Davis The Great Hospital Mystery
1937 William Demarest The Great Hospital Mystery
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