By ultramonkey
Written July 13, 2007
attention idiots. films like this promote misogyny (that big word means: hatred and violence towards women). this is what normal people call "torture porn." its not a horror movie, its not a scary movie, its just a gross movie. a good scary movie has tension, chase scenes, uncertainty (will she escape? will she save her friend?) surprise, shock. these films have none of that. they tie someone up, then mutilate them. its gross, but its not tense (you know what is going to happen) there are no surprises, there is nothing. i would ask anyone why they want to watch a helpless, bound woman be tortured. i like horror films, slasher flicks, thrillers etc. i HATE TORTURE PORN. anyone who who claims this is good is a simple minded fool.
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Totally Delivers!

By Squid33
Written July 14, 2007
I have to start by saying that I don't believe "critics" should be allowed to review horror genre films. It's not high art. It's gore, and scare, and squirming in your seat. These critics probably haven't eaten a hot dog in a while either-but they're still all-American. With that said, we saw Captivity last night and it TOTALLY delivered on all counts. Plenty of scare, plenty of gore, and definitely plenty of squirming. This is what we go to this kind of film to see. Period. It's a fun ride, cheesy in some respects, yes, but in the best way. And for the idiots who are "offended" by the film because it "promotes misogyny"-get over yourselves. I'm a woman - strong, independent, certainly not a victim, and I can separate fantasy from reality. Nobody who sees this movie (except the sociopaths who are already too far gone to give a crap about anyway) is going to get any new ideas about how to harm women. Spend your energy trying to change things in the Middle East...
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This movie blows

By Keirena
Written July 16, 2007
There's nothing disturbing about it. Girl gets kidnapped, drugged, forced to drink liquified body parts (oooooh, scary). She discovers another person being held captive too and befriends him, has sex with him (big shocker there) and *gasp*, finds out he's one of the killers. She's been kidnapped by brothers and ends up killing them both. There, now you don't have to see it.
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Excited about this after checking out the website

By rickyrickrickson
Written June 02, 2007
I was on the captivity website and this actually looks like it might be good. There are some really creepy clips from the movie and also an adults only section that has really scary vids about real life serial killers.
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Captivity, Not Really Torture Porn

By zekelyndon
Written July 13, 2007
It would have been much more honest of the production company, After Dark Films, to say it was a thriller with slight torture porn inklings (very slight). Maybe, the folks at After Dark didn’t actually see the movie. What I saw was psychological in nature and dealt much more with assaults on the mind of those captive than it did with actual assaults on the bodies of those captive. Yes, there is some blood and some nasty gore but nothing like Saw or Hostel or even Touristas. It’s not a great movie but adequate. A solid B-movie endeavor. Fun, kind of stupid at times, pretty good acting by the luscious Elisha Cuthbert and the director, Roland Joffe imbued the entire film with a look that worked very well to be creepy and ominous. It moves fairly quickly, lags a bit in the middle and ends with a slightly predictable twist but really you don’t care at that point because, surprise, you’ve been entertained. Well, at least I was even though my hunger for gore was only slightly abated.
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