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The film tells the dramatic, thrilling and spiritual true story of Ashley Smith (Mara), a single mother and recovering drug addict who was taken hostage in her own apartment by fugitive, murderer and accused rapist Brian Nichols (Oyelowo).
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Captivating! Suspenseful! Inspirational!

By Cecilia Quesenberry
I just saw the screening for Captive. The movie was so well done on so many levels. It gave enough hope through faith, without alienating itself from a wider audience. I walked away inspired by...

CAPTIVE-ated and inspired by this compelling movie!

By diditwhistle
This really is a must see film! It brings together a gripping, true story, Oscar-worthy acting, adept directing, and a redemptive message, all with convincing authenticity. The film does not sugar...


By tysusawest
An awesome movie worth seeing. This true story shows that there is a way out, and hope for those caught in addiction. It is a must see movie for anyone who is personally dealing with, or has friends...

Thoughtful, emotional film

By grinchville
I took my teenage son to see "Captive". I liked how it got its message across without being overly in-your-face "preachy". I think this will help make the film appeal to anyone, not just...

True story.. Great movie

By childoftheKing
This is a true story that shows the power of hope in God. I wished it was more focused on what God did but if this is how it happened then you can't change that. It was intense and brutal at times, a...

Not a Christian movie

By larrylove505
It was very suspenseful but kind of boring towards the end....

What would YOU do?

By julierapattoni
This was a bad dude. Seriously messed up. So was she but in a different way. One destroying by violence, one destroying herself and others by weakness. Both found strength in God's Word and in...

Just like every other movie

By alyciam23
Just like every other movie ... Black guy is the bad girl and keeps white girl hostage, white girl gets free, and calls the cop and he's arrested .. Blah blah blah could've been way better. Wish I...

By lfantabulous1
This movie was horrible! It was awesome in the aspect of GOD and Ashley Smith turning her life around. This is something I could watched at home when it came out. I'm upset I spent the money. I do...


By mkhesson54
Captive was a real disappointment. We had read all about it in Guidepost Magazine and we were expecting to see an exciting Christian movie. How can you take a suspenseful, real life story and make...

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Rated PG-13 | For Violence, Substance Abuse and Mature Thematic Elements
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Common Sense Media says Hostage thriller about escaped prisoner has violence, drugs.
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