A Truly Amazing True Story

By MedRed
Written October 24, 2014
Captain Phillips is one of those rare movies where no attention to detail was spared. The story is straight forward, with minimal embellishments. Based on a true story, Captain Phillips brings to life the high stakes "business" of piracy that played out on Maersk Alabama in 2009. Tom Hanks wonderfully portrays the real life Captain Richard "Irish" Phillips. Newcomer, Barkhad Abdi, masterfully embodies a villain we can both hate and sympathize with at the same time. Captain Phillips is well acted, well shot, and well scored. It doesn't attempt to be anything other than the harrowing true life story that it is. Whether you are familiar with the details of this event, or you've never heard of Captain Richard Phillips, this movie will entertain and enthrall. There's nothing during or after the credits If you like my reviews, add me as a fan. I'll add you back!
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Excellent Entertainment

Written October 20, 2013
tThe movie by itself is excellent entertainment and I highly recommend it to anyone. I don't know however how accurate it is and how much the story has been embellished. We may never know the "real" details. Nevertheless, I recommend it.
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Captain Phillips

By rfbricky
Written October 27, 2013
The lead actor, Tom Hanks, immersed himself in his role really well that he played his part convincingly. It seems that he cannot do wrong as.an actor! So w/ the guy who played Muse, he was also very good. Very good movie. It's nice to have that feeling of good triumphing over evil!
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Captain Phillips

By LMcRocky
Written October 14, 2013
My god can Tom Hanks act! The theater was dead silent as the screen when dark and stayed that way for a full minute. Few actors can command an screen like that. Thank you Mr. Hanks, Capt. Phillips and crew and the Navy seals that made it all possible. Safe passage to you all.
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Very good

By savile
Written October 12, 2013
Enjoyed Captain Phillips. The IMAX experience is a bit dizzying at times, and for some sections, it's really just a blur because the action is too fast. But it makes the film very powerful. Tom Hanks is great as usual. The Somali pirates are absolutely brilliant. There is a lot of fantastic suspense. The huge boats and Naval carriers were just incredible in IMAX. Cons - film lingers on faces too long too many times, scenes are often drawn out too long, and some of the script is just too weak. But it's a true story, and I'm sure part of the director's plan is to make us feel the experience of being taken hostage - he's pretty successful at that.
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