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Deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, isolated from society, a devoted father (Viggo Mortensen) dedicates his life to transforming his six young children into extraordinary adults.
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I loved this film...

By tracymoon
If you like films that are quirky, but with depth, go see this. I saw it as part of the New York Film Society screening and was very pleasantly surprised - it stayed with me for along time. It's not a...

Depressing, anti-Christian, anti-life

By ottotexas
We went to this movie from a great review in the paper - it said it was a very life-affirming off the beaten path movie. Truth is it was just weird and depressing. The children were surviving, but it...

Captain Fantastic

By Barblipton
Viggo Mortensen was terrific. And I loved the oldest son's deadpan face also, and particularly his first encounter with a young lady. The film was raw and powerful, perhaps a bit too much so for...

Captain Fantastic Review

By Srgramacy828
Four of us went not really knowing much about the movie . The first part was hard for squeamish but we loved the movie . It was so heartfelt and showed how much the family loved each other ....

OK, but....

By goldlizsts
Sort of liked it for its offbeatness, and disliked it for the same reason. Morten is an outsider kind of a dad, raising half a dozen kids, who appear to be very smart. Were they smart, or was it...

Captain Fantastic

By enw
This is a Superb Movie and was delighted to watch it!...

Captain Fantastic tornado into Vaptain Fizzle

By Minard14
This had tone one of the weakest film endings I've ever seen. (SPOILER ALERT) The free spirit children turn into docile, subservient school children. The grandparents disappear from the film...

Great film

By nirvanaschuyler
Great way to spend an evening. Thought provoking and intelligently written. This movie will stick with me and really enforces what my husband and I know to be true about our children. They are as...

Emotional Movie

By leylap123
I loved!!! Made me cry a lot. So emotional and intense!!...

Captain Fantastic

By leesayers
I loved this roller coaster of emotions movie. Very poignant. Brings home the decay in our society - greed, consumerism, and the loss of true values. Acting was fantastic! Loved Viggo. The children...

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Rated R | For Language and brief graphic nudity.
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Common Sense Media says Original, moving drama has some disturbing moments.
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