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AWESOME Movie!!!!

By secretcrushe
Written April 04, 2014
Captain America is by far my favourite Avenger and this movie did not disappoint in any way, shape or form!!! It is an all around AMAZING movie!!!!! :)
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Great Job!

By bcjonesinc
Written April 05, 2014
Thankfully they kept Cap. America the great hero he is! Would like the experience better if they got rid of the lousy previews of other not so worthy movies
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Go See It !!

By VistaBlueGT
Written April 07, 2014
I took my 14 year old son to watch this movie this weekend because both he and I are avid Marvel comic book movie fans in every way, shape and form. I mostly wanted to see Scarlett Johansson in all her glory, but I digress. The movie continues from where the first movie, The First Avenger, leaves off. It's been three years, so I had to go back and watch the first movie after watching this one to help fill in some of the pieces. This movie is full of action, and patriotism just the way I like it. The acting, directing, cinematography and writing were excellent. This movie is 2 hrs and 8 mins long and I didn't even notice. It's unfortunate that Captain America does not age, as I would have liked for his budding relationship to continue with Peggy Carter (actress Hayley Atwell) - she's absolutely stunning in the first movie. But as with all Superheroes, there's work to be done and not much time for relationships. Can't wait for the next Avengers movie.
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Best America Overall

By armchairmoviecritic
Written April 09, 2014
I wasn't going to see this movie but after seeing an interview on TV I thought I should go. There was so much action and excitement in this movie. There is no expletives so this movie is good for at least 10 and older. The Acting was topnotch and the special affects were awesome. Chris Evans, (Captain America), Anthony Mackie, (Falcon) and Scarlett Johansson, (Natasha) carried the movies with scenes of action and emotion. I loved Mackie as Falcon, wow!. I recommend this movie to all those who follow the Marvel movies. sit back and enjoy! Armchairmoviecritic
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One of the Very Best Action Movies Ever

By genebass
Written April 12, 2014
This sequel did what very few sequels do -- it outstripped the movies before it! The acting, the plot, the screenplay were ALL incredibly good. I unqualifiedly recommend it.
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