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Cap 2: Bring on The Bad Guys

By cableofaskani
Written April 10, 2014
You wouldn't know this is directing duo of brothers Anthony and Joe Russo's first ever action movie because they made The First Avenger's second solo adventure a solid action packed thriller that is everything you ever wanted in a Captain America movie. Chris Evans once again perfectly nails it at Steve Rogers, he effortlessly brings to life the brooding but still hopeful man out of time of the Ed Brubaker story which the movie is adapted from. Sebastian Stan as Winter Soldier does not disappoint, his brutal fight scenes, and struggle against brainwashing are all crowd pleasers in my opinion. Anthony Mackie as Falcon is an amazing welcome addition the movie universe, he literally jumps and fits right in, and I can't wait to see him in more movies, and hope we see him join The Avengers. This begin the 9th film in Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe and close to the end of their Phase 2 plans, Marvel isn't afraid to shake up the status quo.
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I give it an A-

By donckster
Written April 07, 2014
I thought Captain America was excellent. Lots of action, with a good mix of drama, intrigue, and humor. I thought the interaction of the characters was good, and I do feel like you get to know them better. Excellent movie, good to see on the big screen, and my 12-year-old liked it as well.
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The First Avenger is back

By citrusheightskid789
Written April 08, 2014
Captain America: The Winter Soldier is everything that we could want in a Cap movie and then more. Without giving away the plot, it's a must see for any fan of Captain America an the MCU. Fans will also enjoy the easter eggs dropped throughout the movie as well as enjoy the tie into Marvel's Agents of SHIELD.
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Cap Two

By kmwebster
Written April 06, 2014
I love Iron Man because of his technology, but I love Captain America because he is so good! I appreciate the tormented flawed heroes like Black Widow, and enjoyed the relationship seeing the two come to terms with how they live in the world, but what makes this movie great and what makes the Captain America character great is to see altruism, politeness, and personal integrity.
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Greatest 'Marvel' Movie to date!

By thomasdbryan
Written April 07, 2014
I could go on and on about my thoughts, but you must see it to understand and make your ow decision/thoughts about 'Cap' and the gang!
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