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Captain America

By shawneen13
Written April 07, 2014
I thought this had a really interesting continuation of the story line. I enjoy how Marvel keeps bringing in characters from the series and this was no exception. This is a well executed movie with superb graphics and good acting. Make sure you stay until the very end! I took all 5 of my kids 4mo-9yr and everyone enjoyed the film. Even my 2 year old was mesmerized and watched the movie quietly.
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How FUN!!!!

By lauragothard
Written April 05, 2014
I went expecting to be entertained and I was having the time of the evening by the first 30 seconds in. Nice story line, not all complicated but with enough sophisticated emotional and patriotic draws to feel like there was a real story there. The gadgets! I WANT the Falcon set, seriously. The machines were believable, there wasn't any fluff factor, each hinge button and clasp was what I call "useable", meaning not just there for decoration. Loved every actor in the bunch. They all played off each other and the timing of the dialogues and jokes NEVER fell flat. The personality interactions were easy, there was not too much frivolous love story line, and the theatre was PACKED !! Go See It. _laura in Tucson
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Who knew Marvel could do political thrillers?

By grberk
Written October 15, 2014
In the same way that "The Dark Knight" was not just a super hero movie - it was also a crime drama, "The Winter Soldier" is not just a super hero movie - it's a very well-written political thriller. It's no coincidence that the movie plays like "Three Days of the Condor", and that both movies star Robert Redford. The directors have said they wanted him for his part because of his starring role in the 1975 film. This new Marvel addition is a great blend of action, intrigue and mystery, and it casts a much different tone than any of the Marvel movies before it. It's much more grounded in reality, and the subject matter of the story plays right into what we are facing today. It's all very relevant, and very real. It definitely will get your thought processes going. This one ranks right up there at the top of the heap. It's definite must-see!
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The stuff sequels should be made of

By bgdaddy6963136
Written July 27, 2014
Everything that The First Avenger was The Winter Solder was more of the GOOD STUFF. Lots of action and great fight scenes. If you liked The First Avenger you will love this one. If you live comic books you will wet yourself with excitement. Make you you stay till the end for BOTH Easter Eggs. I won't give anything away but they are cool!!!
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Best stand-alone Marvel film yet!

By cradke2187
Written April 06, 2014
This was the most intriguing and engaging stand-alone Marvel film so far. Half spy-thriller half beatemup super hero romp. Offered enough on all fronts to pull in even the casual moviegoer.
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