Finally a good use of 3D!

By block_the_buster
Written May 21, 2012
So I was fortunate to attend an early screening of the 3D version of Captain America last night. Overall the movie was entertaining, however there was once quick scene that made the 3D version well worth seeing! You WILL know what that is when you see it! Suffice to say it invoked audience reactions. Tommy Lee Jones was great in his role with his one-liner's. I highly recommend seeing Captain America in 3D even if it's just for one quick effect. Also, the ending credits are fun in 3D while waiting for the theater to clear.
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Captain America

By mfwillick
Written July 30, 2011
Great movie for entire family. I took my grandchildren to see it and to my surprise I totally enjoyed this movie. I can't wait for the next one called next year called The Avengers! I rate this movie A+++!
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Captain America: The First Avenger 3D -- excellent

By penelopebos
Written July 27, 2011
My 9-year old asked to see this movie on his birthday, 7/26, and our family of four went last night. We absolutely loved it! Family oriented (no nudity/sexual content) and minor use of profane language. It was entertaining, funny, sweet, and worth the extra cash for 3D. Strongly recommend this movie.
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Captain America: The First Avenger 3D review

By Akerico
Written July 29, 2011
Just a great movie from start to finish!!! :)
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By TJCurtis
Written July 30, 2011
This was the best comic book movie of the summer. Slightly better than X-men. Chris Evans understants how to play a superhero. Can't wait for the avengers movie.
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