Five Word Review

By alaskaisnottheus
Written September 22, 2015
Republicans Need Mental Health Care
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Don't listen to the "no-no's"

By justacitizen
Written September 22, 2015
I'm pretty sure that all the people who selected the 'oh-no" rating for this movie, are the people Michael Moore made this movie about. Its been said that the truth hurts, well it must really hurt to see yourselves on the big screen huh? I say this because any normal non corporate working "citizen" wouldn't turn down the truth, of the current condition our country is in. Michael Moore was on CNN and he said " that corporate goons spent millions of dollars trying to stop sicko from being released". Now if they will do something that severe, what would stop them from coming on and slamming this movie so you won't see it? Also if what he is saying is boring, untrue, crappy, irrelevant, opportunistic, and whatever else you all said then why would anyone go to the trouble to stop his films from seeing the light of day????? We need change, people are suffering it shouldn't be about money, and cover ups anymore. And I know what your thinking and your wrong, I voted for MCcain.
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Everyone should see this documentary.

By followsthestars
Written September 28, 2009
In summary: This documentary is extremely important. I saw it over the weekend in NYC. It's really an eye-opener as to what is happening in this country. It's emotional in a true, Michael Moore style. He initerviews people whose homes have been foreclosed and have nowhere to go. He gives us facts/statistics as to how often homes are foreclosed (every 7.5 seconds). We learn that members of congress are even stunned as to what is happening with our money. We learn that coorperations can just take our life insurance policy away from our family when we die, so that they are left with nothing. We learn just how greedy top financial executives are (but this shouldn't be new to us). He explains that FDR, had he have lived long enough to implement his plan for revising the bill of rights, would have fought for us ALL to have basic rights such as : A job, Affordable Housing, Healthcare, etc. At the end of the movie, Michael urges us to start helping him fix things. I couldn't agree more...
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Five Word Review

By mediacritic
Written September 16, 2009
See Movie Before Rating It
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Capitalism, A Love Story

By drz
Written October 02, 2009
5 stars!!! Excellent, so well developed and clear, we all learned something new and IMPORTANT! I wish Obama, the Senate and Congress would watch it, as well as EVERYONE else. A real inspiration. Thank you Michael Moore!
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