Can U Feel It - The UMF Experience Synopsis
David Guetta, Carl Cox, Afrojack and others perform at an electronic music dance event.

Movie Reviews

More Hype, Less Music

By oakley.brandon
The movie was mostly commentary and them panning the crowd. I was hoping for complete songs from the artist @ the actual festival, not them playing random tracks and showing footage they shot....


By rosadoe
It was awesome! The music and the energy in the film made me want to get up and dance... Too bad that it wasn't packed. There were only about 15people in the theater. Better advertisement for...

The hype was better than the actual movie

By slater1018
Since I've actually been to a few Ultra music festivals, I has very high expectations for this movie since the festivals are AMAZING!!!! This movie did NOT live up to those expectations. I would not...

Where's the music

By jenglesr
Warning, this is a movie about how great the movie is. For a movie that is supposed to showcase DJ’s, Dance, and House music it falls way short on the music part. I expected to see some interviews...

It's a movie about a movie? No, it's an infomercial for the UM Festival

By gregoriok
This was a confusing "movie" that seemed like a whole lot of ego-stroking for the director and event producers than listening to the DJs or watching the crowd. When those parts happened, it was the...

Wanted so badly to like this movie, but it completely failed at capturing Ultra

By just_listen
I was ecstatic when the first trailer for "Can U Feel It" hit the airwaves. I was at Ultra 2011, had an amazing time. Loved every set I saw and will continue to go back as long as I can. I can't go...


By Ladylow
It was the LONGEST advertisement of my life, I ALREADY KNOW who the world best dj's are, i love them all, i didnt FEEL anything, all i heard was ppl talking the WHOLE time. didnt get to hear ONE...


By acyberj
Me have a lot of fist pumping fun!...