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The Too Fast too Furious of Cannibal films...grand scale torture, Cannibalism & Animal Snuff

By Easy Tiger
Written November 22, 2014
This film is a Cannibal Holocaust wannabe. Even intros with a similiar scene even. A native girl is being raped by a drug dealer and some American students. Then they beat an indio senseless. The natives are restless after realizing this occurence, and that's the understatement of the millenium. If you're not squeamish in the least bit and aren't easily shocked then I'd say it might be worth giving this infamous cult flick a gander. Be worned. the animals in this film (just like in Cannibal Holocaust, are really being killed), one of the animals killed is a pig, for example. Supposedly it's said the animals killed (in both films), were used for food by the cast members, so I guess you can say they weren't killed for no reason. They were killed in very intense, graphis exploitation, even more so than were the animals in Cannibal Holocaust. I do know there is a version of Cannibal Holocaust that has the animal snuff scenes removed,not sure if there is a version of this flick as well.
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horrible acting

By redyeah
Written November 22, 2014
This is probably the worst acted movie I have ever seen. They look like they are just reading comment cards. The visuals are decent for such a low budget. The story is pretty bad. Still, a movie worth watching if you can find it easily. Not worth looking hard for however.
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