Dead bodies everywhere...

By Easy Tiger
Written October 28, 2007
I think this is brilliant for it's raw intensity. I saw the movie cause I like horror films that are raw & intense. This movie also involved cannibalism which I find to be an interesting genre of horror movies. This is no Silence Of The lambs however. If you're at all sque amish, do not see this. I think the movie seems very real, the killing in it. So real the director back when it was released was charged with murder originally because people believed the films characters were actually killed. Later it was proven they were not killed and he was cleared of the charges.
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By downwiththes1ckness
Written February 24, 2013
This movie made me barf and is the only horror movie that I'm still scared of.
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Cannibal Holocaust - Reel Quick!

By wtlasley
Written April 19, 2016
The ferocity of this film holds up remarkably well, and the cultural commentary remains relevant. The unsimulated on-screen brutalization of animals is heinous and obscene, and I cannot condone that, but I can't deny its effectiveness.
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