Heath is brilliant! one of my favorite books and movies!

By Kimsplit
Written April 09, 2008
This movie is amazing!!! I read the book 6 years ago and couldnt beleive that they had decided to make a movie about it, its wonderful!!!! Brilliant!!!!! I AM so sad that the author cant make another book about these characters, becauise i felll in love with them!!!!! MUST OWN OR SEE!!!! KIM :)
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great movie

By savier176
Written December 23, 2006
I'll admitt i wasnt to excited to see this movie and then i saw it and i was really taken back because it was such a good movie. I apolgize to the girls who wanted to see this movie because i gave them a hard time for wanting to see it. But not only does it give an insight of the world of drugs and what it does to you, not only physically but mentally and how it really does effect others around you. But it also shows the power of love and what it can do. Overall it was a good movie so to all the other guys out there who are afraid to see it....take your girlfirend to see this move she'll love it and see another side of you.
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By aliambrosio81
Written May 17, 2007
I loved this movie. Best movie in a really long time.
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By Tattonegc
Written November 15, 2006

Having read the book I was very excited to find out that it was put to film. Abbie Cornish plays a fantastic Candy, her performance deserves an award. This is a must see movie, if you want to educate your teenagers as to the dangers of drug abuse, take them to see this movie!

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CANDY = Leaves Sour After Taste

By lugubriousthespian
Written July 21, 2009
Heath Ledger and Abbie Cornish give brave performances in this very grim film version of the lurid bok which delves into the lives of two young heroine users and all the pitfalls they encounter. Starkly realistic settings and very naturalistic approach by the screenplay here which involves them spiraling up and down again as they endure her mistrustful parents, his slacker tendancies and the dual involvement in hedonistic crimes. Geoffrey Rush has the thankless role as their longtime friend and sometime supplier who also happens to be a chemistry professor. Bleak but involving is this tale which has no easy answers.
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