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Claire Simmons (Aniston) suffers from chronic pain. The suicide of Nina, one of Claire’s fellow chronic-pain group members, prompts her to explore the boundaries between life and death, abandonment and heartbreak, danger and salvation.
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Cake is riveting!

By grace302
Jennifer Aniston gives an amazing performance in Cake, a portrait of a tortured woman riddled with chronic pain and an addiction to pain killers. Jennifer's performance is also complemented by the...


By ejackson111195
Thumbs down. This film lacked some major editing. The concept is beautiful and contains potential healing for viewers who have experienced a similar story in their life. However, the screen-play...

The movie Cake

By CaranchiniB
The movie Cake is Jennifer's greatest work to date. InCake she plays a person suffering from Chronic pain syndrome and as someone who has it I have the authority to say she NAILED it. Good job...

Awful movie

By jay296
Too long to develop the plot line and ending inconclusive. Not a good watch...

real, raw, and not crazy long!!!!

By clarissa1dc
a good, solid film....


By lovatodd
I want to know which movie these 4 snd 5 star reviews were watching. this movie was horrible! Jennifer Aniston nailed it, but the story line lacked substance....

Let someone else eat Cake.

By kuperschmidt
Horrible waste of time. Completely predictable....

Memorable and affecting. Oscar for Jennifer?

By wonkdude
Cake is a transformation film for both its star and its lead character, chronicling the affects of tragedy and pain on the victim and the people around her. Aniston gives a subtle tour-de-force as a...

Cake is really good, but not great

By vh0013
This is my type of movie and I was really looking forward to seeing it. Jennifer Aniston does an amazing job in her character. The movie was good, but I would've liked to see more of the background...

Wonderfully agonizing

By lavcavmovie
The definitive movie in pain and courage of all kinds. Relentless look at staggering loss and steely reluctance to keep living on. Hope somehow find its way through the chronic pain of body and heart...

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Rated R | For Substance Abuse, Language and Brief Sexuality
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Common Sense Media says Grim but interesting drama has prescription drug abuse.
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