• Released
  • January 22, 2016
  • (Limited)
  • PG-13 , 1 hr 37 min
  • Drama
Caged No More Synopsis
A grandmother partners with an ex-Special Forces soldier to rescue her kidnapped granddaughters from the nefarious underworld of sex trafficking.
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Movie Reviews

Great Movie!

By sarahewoods
This was a really valuable movie to go watch! I would recommend going with some family and friends. Loved it!!!...

Great movie to bring awareness to this topic!

By Greygaillard
I was glad to know that sexual scenes were not shown in this movie. The director did a great job of introducing the topic of sex trafficking and portraying it as the evil that it is without graphic...

Loved this Movie

By mkwoods90
Great story that tells the horrors of human trafficking in a unique and eye opening way. The movie draws you in emotionally and has a climatic finish that leaves you wanting more....

trafficking hope.org

By slw87gt

Compelling message, poorly done

By bniforth
A film with an important message, but poor acting and production. Unfortunate....

Caged No More

By ddorseyoriginals
Great depiction of real life human trafficking and the power of prayer to an awesome God!...

Great movie with an even better message!

By ericalkelly361
This movie will tug at your heartstrings and you will leave wanting to do something about slavery....

By susanasarabia
Loved this movie!...

So glad I saw this!

By korenleggett
Such a powerful and well done movie! Fascinating storyline keeps your attention the whole time. Plenty of plot twists and surprises too . How many movies do you get to leave feeling inspired about...

Really shows what Human Trafficking in the US is all about!

By mdwilliams2
This movie explains and shows what human trafficking is all about in the U.S. WITHOUT being too violent or too suggestive. Appropriate for 12 and up....

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Rated PG-13 | For Mature thematic content and some violence.