Cadillac Records Synopsis
Leonard Chess (Adrien Brody) founds a recording company in 1950s Chicago.
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WELL DONE!!!!!!! Must see for all music lovers!

If you love music, this movie is perfect. You get the history along with great performances from some of the best actors of our time. Adrian Brody and Jeffrey Wright are wonderful actors no matter...

Cadillac Records

By randic234
I personally loved the movie. every actor in the movie,was fantastic. I think people underestimated Beyonce in the acting field, and in my opion she proved them all wrong. She did outstanding,and...

Cadillac Records

By rmadigan
This movie was of interest to anyone interested in the Blues. Also some great vintage automobiles. Lots of sex, drugs, violence. My son and I were able to discuss afterwards a common interest in...

Cadillac Records

By pamelabullard
Very Good Actors, soundtrack is awesome...

Very Enjoyable

By harmarster
This is a really good movie espeicially for the older generation. The only song I really knew was At Last by Etta James. I enjoyed all the songs and the characters. I think this was Beyonce's best...

Anybody who reads this review is guaranteed a free cadillac

By This fans fa you
This is not a guarantee but a great offer for anyone desperately seeking a good movie. If you enjoy movie's like Ray or Walk the lIne, you will definitely enjoy this movie. It involes the story of...

Could been better

By Lil DK08
Well, I didn't like the movie that much. It was good, but too me it was slow. I was falling asleep. I will give Beyonce her props, she did her thing in the movie. I believe they could have made the...

Cadillac Records

By dpinesmedia
Whoa! I spent the late 60's and early 70's in Chicago just after the Chess label ruled. I still have a collection of LPs-- original pressings of Muddy, Etta, the Wolf and Little Walter. We used to...

excellent movie

By destani214
Everyone that knows me knows i love Beyonce however she kills her own projects when she puts herself in the spotlight...this was an excellent movie and it would have gotten the play it deserves if...

Great music and acting

By rand_smith
This film is not perfect. It has has some notable omissions (notably Leonard Chess's brother and business partner, Phil) and flits quickly through twenty years of complex history. But these...

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Rated R | For pervasive language and some sexuality
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Common Sense Media says Terrific performances make mature musical biopic memorable.
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