Byron Mann

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Steven Seagal Absolution
2015 Marisa Tomei The Big Short
2015 Ryan Gosling The Big Short
2015 Brad Pitt The Big Short
2015 Christian Bale The Big Short
2015 Steve Carell The Big Short
2015 Melissa Leo The Big Short
2014 Sammo Hung Rise of the Legend
2012 Andy Lau Cold War
2012 Lucy Liu The Man With the Iron Fists
2012 Pam Grier The Man With the Iron Fists
2012 Gordon Liu The Man With the Iron Fists
2012 Russell Crowe The Man With the Iron Fists
2009 Steven Seagal A Dangerous Man
2004 Halle Berry Catwoman
2004 Benjamin Bratt Catwoman
2004 Sharon Stone Catwoman
2004 Tom Berenger Sniper 3
2003 Steven Seagal Belly of the Beast
2003 John Glover Smallville: Insurgence
2001 Billy Zane Invincible
2000 John Savage Dark Angel: Season 01
1999 Tovah Feldshuh The Corruptor
1999 Mark Wahlberg The Corruptor
1999 Brian Cox The Corruptor
1999 Chow Yun-Fat The Corruptor
1997 James Fox Red Corner
1997 Peter Donat Red Corner
1997 Richard Gere Red Corner
1996 Noriyuki "Pat" Morita Murder, She Wrote: Kendo Kill
1995 Rae Dawn Chong Crying Freeman
1995 Tchéky Karyo Crying Freeman
1995 Mako Crying Freeman
1994 Henry Silva Possessed by the Night
1994 Shannon Tweed Possessed by the Night
1994 Turhan Bey Possessed by the Night
1994 Edward R. Pressman Street Fighter
1994 Ming-Na Wen Street Fighter
1994 Simon Callow Street Fighter
1994 Raul Julia Street Fighter
1994 Jean-Claude Van Damme Street Fighter
1993 Scott Bakula Murphy Brown: The Young & the Rest of Us
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