Don't Bother

By ournewreligion
Written January 12, 2014
Somewhere I read a review describing this movie as "hilarious" and raving about almost everything from writing, acting, and directing. It is a disappointment. Too many implausible actions by the characters. Very little that is even amusing. For no reason given, the writer has generated his manuscript with a typewriter, so he supposedly only has 1 copy of it and the loss or theft of that is the fulcrum for much of the activities as he is trying to get it back. But ignored is that his agent already sent a copy to the Hollywood producer he is on the road trip to see, so it's not really lost. Unless what is meant is the re-write of part that is mentioned. Why there is no photocopy, or more likely, an electronic copy, is unexplained. Why the killer abandons his apparenly perfectly good truck, with the keys in it, and steals the broken down van of the protagonist, which is supposed to be in a parking lot with the hood up and its lights on, makes no sense, as much else here.
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