Burning Blue is actually burning good.

By rick853
Written October 13, 2014
This film, like many important independent films, will go unnoticed. It's a shame it's not getting as much recognition or exposure as it should. It shows how valuable resources are wasted on ridiculous witch-hunts in the military at the time. I was surprised how well the production was. The directing and writing is pretty decent, the acting is very good. As always, do not pay attention to the homophobes that post reviews. See the movie and judge for yourself. Since it is not getting publicity, it will probably be gone in a heartbeat.
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By FilmLovez22
Written June 07, 2014
Beautiful film with solid performances. Find many reviews on this film might be missing the point, and are rather critical. Then again, it is quite the compliment that an indie film is being compared to the likes of big budget blockbusters Top Gun and Brokeback Mountain.
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Absolutely Terrible!

By lotusesprit9981
Written December 26, 2014
This is one of the worst gay themed movies ever. The acting, music, editing, dialog, etc. I could go on for days. This is what happens when the straight Hollywood machine tries to make a gay themed film. I am sure some straight people will enjoy this film. That is the audience it is designed for. I am terribly disappointed!
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Disgusting Filth!

By Aerospace747
Written March 18, 2015
I haven't seen this movie, nor will I want to see this disgusting filth. Gay men kissing each other, yuck!! Have you not seen how Your Lord dealt with the sick filthy people of Sodom and Gomorrah. He struck with His terror and destroyed and overthrew the city....now its known as the "Dead Sea." The lowest point on earth. Hollywood needs to stop making filthy disgusting movies like this. Please get a life or burn in Hell.
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AEROSPACE747, Grow Up!

By Kirbster
Written June 05, 2014
How immature, getting all upset over two men kissing. Here's a hint for you: it's time for you to grow up. And don't go throwing the Bible around until you know what it really says in the original language. You spew your ignorance based on bad English translations. If you really thought the Bible was important, you'd find out the original meanings of verses, but you're too lazy for that, and instead spew hatred (my, how Christian!).
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