Lower your expectations

By RandytheMovieFan
Written September 11, 2008
A dark quirky comedy, not nearly as quirky funny as Raising Arizona or as dark as Fargo, but the performances stood out, with Brad Pitt unexpectedly being the standout for me. I found myself checking my watch at one point, but by the last scene I was wishing for more. Go only if you're in the mood for an odd comedy and don't mind lots of swearing and a couple of shockingly violent scenes.
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Wait. Hold On. What?

By robbiewf
Written September 18, 2008
I can't yet decide whether I was more delighted by the overall scrumptious weirdness of the plot or by the brilliantly balanced weirdness of the characters. As a whole, an entirely smartly entertaining grotesque as you would hope for in a Coen production. I am still chuckling at the McDormand-Pitt combination. Hilarious. I think they steal the movie.
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Five Word Review

By redyeah
Written August 27, 2009
This is comedy done right!
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Would rather watch paint dry!!!

By KyBlue
Written September 16, 2008
I would not watch this movie again if I was paid to. I went with teenagers and my husband. We left 30 minutes into it. Crude sexual content. It tops my list of the most stupid movie ever made. I set up this account so people don't waste their money on this crap. "Burn instead of watching"
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Burn After Reading

By bmuniz
Written September 21, 2008
A stellar cast with terrific acting. I came to appreciate Brad Pitt's ability to play a "doofus" and a great comedic character in an entirely new light. I rate this movie highly, it easily compares to The Big Lewbowski, O Brother Where Art Thou and Fargo - the Coen trilogy that has long marked the high water mark of film satire and comedy. No longer a trio, now it's a quartet. From wonderful humor and incitful glimpses of human nature and motivation, like all Coen films it stretches reality to the limits of absurdity, and when it stretches back we are entertained and enlightened. There isn't a weak character or a weak moment in this movie. I laughed out loud from opening sequence to the bitter end - and even had to linger for the final notes of the soundtrack. Do yourself a favor and see this movie more than once.
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