Burn After Reading Synopsis
An ousted CIA official’s memoir accidentally falls into the wrong hands.
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Lower your expectations

By RandytheMovieFan
A dark quirky comedy, not nearly as quirky funny as Raising Arizona or as dark as Fargo, but the performances stood out, with Brad Pitt unexpectedly being the standout for me. I found myself...

Wait. Hold On. What?

By robbiewf
I can't yet decide whether I was more delighted by the overall scrumptious weirdness of the plot or by the brilliantly balanced weirdness of the characters. As a whole, an entirely smartly...

Five Word Review

By redyeah
This is comedy done right!...

Burn After Reading

By pignalberi
This was a thoroughly entertaining and very enjoyable, funny movie. In the black humor of the Coen Brothers. The super star cast was terrific! Each actor (Pitt, Clooney, Malkovich, McDormand, etc.)...

Would rather watch paint dry!!!

By KyBlue
I would not watch this movie again if I was paid to. I went with teenagers and my husband. We left 30 minutes into it. Crude sexual content. It tops my list of the most stupid movie ever made. I set...

Burn After Reading

By bmuniz
A stellar cast with terrific acting. I came to appreciate Brad Pitt's ability to play a "doofus" and a great comedic character in an entirely new light. I rate this movie highly, it easily compares...


By thedarKnight
the best way to describe this movie would be to call it bizarre. you think you know the coen brothers and then they add another twist. real huge twist with pitt in this movie. the acting was...


By I_Love_America2008
Really enjoyed this one. Once you get used to the randomness of the story and undestand how well satire is being used, it is freakin hilarious. I really loved the scenes with J.K. Simmons--he...


By randomo
Film wasn't too bad - I enjoy dark, dry humor - but I really expected more laughs in this one. Brad Pitt displayed excellent comedic timing in Mr. and Mrs. Smith and I hoped for the same in this...

Misleading Movie Trailers; Crappy Movie

By lorna072001
I have never written a review on fandango before, but after watching this movie, I felt so passionate to let everyone know how terrible it is, that I just went ahead and signed up for an account. I...

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Rated R | For pervasive language, some sexual content and violence
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Common Sense Media says Quirky, violent Coen comedy isn't meant for kids.
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