Incredible Story!

By J_Frosty
Written December 09, 2012
Burn was the absolute best documentary i have seen in a very longtime. This isn't some historical documentary about something that happened years, decades, or centuries ago , this is a current story. This is happening RIGHT NOW! as i sit here, typing this review, the DFD is putting their lives on the line to save our great city. Yes, they are Heroes, they save people, they risk their lives for people, but they are also HUMAN. They get injured, they have bad days, some even die. This is something i think isn't really portrayed in films about firefighters and pollice: the HUMAN side. Overall i think this is an amazing story that absolutely NEEDS to be told.
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By paddlebobb
Written December 08, 2012
I have not been to the movie for years! This was an excellent film. Very professionally done and truly should be seen by everyone. I would definately see it again.
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Informative, touching, and frightening.

By csimmons22
Written December 10, 2012
This documentary tells the story of the Detroit Fire Department and the problems they face from a decreasing budget and an increasingly decaying city. It's family friendly, but it won't appeal to kids under 10 or 12 years old or so. Always consider the source; Denis Leary was Executive Producer, and he has family ties and strong sympathy for firefighters. Therefore, you won't find balance, or equal amounts of information on both sides of the budget equation, or on both sides of the tension between Dept. vs. City, either. What you will find, though, is an intimate portrait of individual firefighters, simple yet complicated, brave yet fully aware of the risks involved in their chosen profession. It's a well-done movie, and the fact that it also raises funds for local firefighter charity continues the pull on the heartstrings. It's a frightening picture, and it should be seen by anyone who has a personal stake, however great or small, in what's happening in the City of Detroit.
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By keg1115
Written December 10, 2012
This documentary was very well done & captivating. You really felt like you knew the characters at the end of the film. Obviously more of a draw for a specific audience, but a great film!
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BURN From a Firefighters POV

By firemand2
Written December 16, 2012
I too am a firefighter/driver in a large city and about to retire after 31 years. It was like I was watching myself on the job. I've seen the good the bad and the worst. Although I didn't check the box above for this I will say this film should be a "MUST SEE" for every fire department decision making government office. Other than the amount of working fires in a shift, Detroit is just like every other fire department in the USA, perhaps a little worse, but still we are all feeling the economy crunch. Don't get me wrong.... I like the movie for the most part and so will those who have an interest in the fire department. The film footage was excellent and in your face real. The only reason I went to see this at a theater is because some proceeds were to help the cause. I would have wanted to see this regardless, but I could have waited for the DVD to come out.
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