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Detroit firefighters save property and lives in a city that many have been written off as dead.
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By paddlebobb
I have not been to the movie for years! This was an excellent film. Very professionally done and truly should be seen by everyone. I would definately see it again....


By smoke17
This was very well done it shows that the Firefighters are not the bad guys in the city's budget problems. They are willing to stay and fight for their city with very little help from the city. They...


By keg1115
This documentary was very well done & captivating. You really felt like you knew the characters at the end of the film. Obviously more of a draw for a specific audience, but a great film!...

Incredible Story!

By J_Frosty
Burn was the absolute best documentary i have seen in a very longtime. This isn't some historical documentary about something that happened years, decades, or centuries ago , this is a current...

Worth seeing and proceeds go to a great cause!

By jncard
Heard about this movie from my wife, who is from Detroit, and also had the pleasure of sitting next to two or the firefighters on a recent flight from Boston. The movie is very real and sad, both...


By bkempany
good evening and GREAT movie. Being a native Detroiter, it is extremely saddening to see the struggles the city goes through every day just trying to keep the entire city from going up in flames....

Informative, touching, and frightening.

By csimmons22
This documentary tells the story of the Detroit Fire Department and the problems they face from a decreasing budget and an increasingly decaying city. It's family friendly, but it won't appeal to...


By aczimmer79
This movie was amazing! It was only an hour and a half but I wish it was longer. Part of the proceeds also go to these amazing men and woman and helping them get the equipment they need. These guys...

More Political than Action-packed

By RArnold920
Don't get me wrong, the movie was pretty powerful - just not in the way I expected. No great insights into the tactics or philosophy of firefighting, but more a condemnation of how public service...

BURN From a Firefighters POV

By firemand2
I too am a firefighter/driver in a large city and about to retire after 31 years. It was like I was watching myself on the job. I've seen the good the bad and the worst. Although I didn't check the...

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