Musicals are back, baby!

By wiseolemoviegoer13
Written December 04, 2010
I think some of the reviews of this amazing movie are way off the mark! Okay, so it is a bit cliché. What do you want it is a musical! The first number with Cher (what the hell did she do to her upper lip!) is simply jaw-dropping. It is a worthy tribute to Cabaret. Christina Aguilera should be declared a national treasure! The choreography was sensational and very sexy! Stanley Tucci is reprising his role from The Devil Wears Prada, but so what he's so much fun to watch. His chemistry with Cher is picture-perfect. I felt sorry for Alan Cummings who was terribly underused. The young guy Giganwhatever was no match for Eric Dane! What is wrong with that kids eyes??? Now they can do a remake of Cabaret with Christina and Justin Timberlake as the MC. The Michael York role should go to the Gigandet fellow; he played his role well. He has that James Dean pained expression. Anyway, this is an instant classic! Hairspray, Chicago and now Burlesque! Long live the Hollywood musical!
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Five Word Review

By SpiritMatter
Written December 13, 2010
notCaberet notChicago notFlashdance notSexy ForgetableSongs
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Stop Reading Critics...Make Your Own Decisions

By lju1952
Written November 29, 2010
Critics ticked me off with their horrible reviews of "Love and Other Drugs", and once again with "Burlesque". So, peeps, stop reading the critics trash and see movies you WANT to see and not see movies by what you are told. Cher is magical. Christina surprised the heck out of me. Yeah, the script is flimsy and juvenile. But the editing is flawless. Choreography is HOT. Costumes are fun and Oscar-worthy. Music is toe-tapping great. Oh, and Cher, I love you! Had to get that in there! If you want to be uplifted and walk away humming a tune or two from the show, then get thee to "Burlesque". You must see this on the big screen and in stereo cause it is freaking great. I'm going again!
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Must see!

By Morganc84
Written November 26, 2010
A long time fan of Christina, she bright her all to the big screen! Great entertainment from start to finish and an all-star cast. Cher rocks her two solos as well and looks stunning!
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Five Word Review

By Lovetotravel
Written December 11, 2010
An Evening Definitely Well Spent!!
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