By walkaboutjo
Written January 23, 2012
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Burke & Hare

By Drez_Digital
Written February 25, 2011
This is supposed to black comedy it's amusing in places but that's about it.
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By fadingstarlite
Written September 10, 2011
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Burke And Hare-Movie or Film?Movie in the Ed Wood Tradition(Roger that)

By grimesgolden1
Written September 09, 2011
Why make a movie about these hapless chaps without aps?Like Brit corpse movies,SweenyTodd,and The Wrong Box, it Got deadpan resurrection shuffle goin' on! It's a satire on Dickens faire we relive in this era of 3 strikes-punishment,prisons,poverty,but is a messy body of work. Movie frames us guilty,not the principle actors,with a portrait of the poor,both exploited for doing the di$ta$teful bidding of the e$tabli$hment (Medical)&condemned by $ame.Think of the blind-eye harvest of the working poor's parts ,&criminalization of 'donors',&you get the picture.Filming uncomfortable topics is hard;the guilty,ignorant&optimistic watch their corporate crimes. Squeamish topic films can be either melodramatic or satiric& must de-grade to movies from drama. Moviemaker's response to the audience's anxiety/laughter is misjudged, with failure to keep to either theme, resulting in mindless contradiction.This is a movie,not a film, like unsettling China Syndrome; think Plan9 from Outer Space-2011
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