The Bully Movie - An Important Beginning

By rnovick1
Written April 02, 2012
For my full thoughts on this incredible, highly moving film, visit my blog called lifestoolbox on wordpress I found the film to very touchingly portray the loss and pain, but too easily pin blame on schools and agencies. All of us need to be better, more active and engaged bystanders - fighting for the rights and value of all human beings. This film is a must see, but it is also just a beginning. If people leave the film both moved and committed to talking with their children or students, vowing to make a difference - then it will have done a great service, This is not an easy movie to watch - but it is something we must open our eyes to if we are to save children from the epidemic that is running wild in our communities.
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see this movie

By hughcrawford
Written April 02, 2012
Take your kids , take the neighbor kids. My 15 year old daughter made me go and I'm glad she did. It is both wrenching and inspiring. I can not for the life of me figure out why this is rated R and hunger games is PG.
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By LizzyArroyo
Written April 01, 2012
Bully was a movie that showed us what it is to be brave when no one is your friend. Its about time a documentary like this one airs so the world could see what our children have to endure and give us hope that now someone will listen. I cried throughout the movie, was angry at times and wish I knew the victims and their parents so that I could hug them and tell them that I would be their friend and that I will stand up to them. I hope others will see the movie and spread the word. Its time for a change and its time to stand together againsty bullying and society.
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By Mellomouth
Written April 01, 2012
Bully. Take your kids now. I know. Only if you live in LA or NYC. Here's why they wouldn't give it a rating - they say the "f" word in the movie. So, middle school kids say the eff word. Especially, when they are bullying someone. So, get over the word and take your 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 year old kids. Take the ones who bullied. Take the ones who have been bullied. Take the ones who have been neither the bully or been bullied but have the chance to stop the bullying. Talk to your theaters. Make them bring the movie to your town. No more suicides. And, when you go to the movie, make sure you bring enough tissues.
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Powerful Film

By Sydia311
Written April 08, 2012
This film needs to be nominated for an Oscar if it's possible. It was such a powerful movie, it made me reflect on when I was bullied so many years ago and how even now I could relate to how bulling made Alex and all the others feel. People don't understand how it damages a persons self esteem and in some aspects, a part of the person can't forget it or move on passed it, no matter how rich or successful you become in life. I saw an interview with Alex today, and the way he described his life now, with so much joy made me want to see the film. It's 2012, by now, if you don't like a persons look, etc. go somewhere else. Leave them be. This movie is a definite must see. Not recommended for children under 6/7 years of age, they won't be able to sit still and miss the importance of the film. I recommend, 9 years of age and up.
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