Bully Synopsis
A filmmaker documents five cases of youths who were bullied by their schoolyard peers.
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The Bully Movie - An Important Beginning

By rnovick1
For my full thoughts on this incredible, highly moving film, visit my blog called lifestoolbox on wordpress I found the film to very touchingly portray the loss and pain, but too easily pin...

The Documentary to See

By Jenerally
Take your kids to see this movie. Then encourage others to see it. Everyone has seen bullying at some point in their lives. I was bullied through out elementary and middle school. What really...


By i_heart_kindness
MPAA just changed the rating of this movie to PG-13!!! What a HUGE victory for all involved and all of us! I want to see it come to all the big theaters in Syracuse NY. I signed Katy's petition to...


By LizzyArroyo
Bully was a movie that showed us what it is to be brave when no one is your friend. Its about time a documentary like this one airs so the world could see what our children have to endure and give...

see this movie

By hughcrawford
Take your kids , take the neighbor kids. My 15 year old daughter made me go and I'm glad she did. It is both wrenching and inspiring. I can not for the life of me figure out why this is rated...


By Mellomouth
Bully. Take your kids now. I know. Only if you live in LA or NYC. Here's why they wouldn't give it a rating - they say the "f" word in the movie. So, middle school kids say the eff word. Especially,...

Powerful Film

By Sydia311
This film needs to be nominated for an Oscar if it's possible. It was such a powerful movie, it made me reflect on when I was bullied so many years ago and how even now I could relate to how bulling...

Very Poweful Movie

By piercka1
I took my 12 1/2 year old daughter who is in 6th grade to see this over the weekend. I thought is was a very powerful movie that should be seen by all middle and high school students. It gets right...


By mshelf3
The movie did a good job at really demonstrating the way the children often interact with each other. However, I feel like there were no real solutions given. The idea was "it is all the school's...


By kellyzat
A good film. Emotional and raw in some places. The schools featured clearly have no real plan for holding bullies accountable or engaging the parents of the bullies or the bullied. The stories...

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Rated PG-13 | For Intense thematic material, disturbing content and some strong language - all involving kids.
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Common Sense Media says Powerful docu addresses critically important issue for kids.
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