Typical Stallone Action

By hairydawg78
Written September 30, 2016
Stallone is one of if not the best action movie star of all time. He is a freak of a man whether its all real or artificial I don't know but the man doesn't look like a typical 60 something. If your looking for Shakespeare keep looking but if you want to turn off your brain and just sit and enjoy an action movie with lots of violence, sexy naked women, and cool one liners then this is your movie. At least it isn't a comic. All hollywood can make is romantic comedies and comic book movies so its nice that Stallone gives us another option to waste our money. Also whats the point of paying 10-12 dollars to see a movie with out some pounding rock and stuff. If I want to watch a more complicated movie I'll watch it in the comfort of my home for a lot less money.
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Only if you love Stallone

Written April 27, 2017
This movie relies on Stallone fans to carry it and is not the kind of movie that is memorable. The story line is mediocre and other than shootings, a couple of hand-to-hand fights and some explosions, the movie doesn't have great intensity or suspense and there's never a good guy bad guy set of characters defined. Apparently Stallone is neither, and everyone he shoots is apparently either a a bad cop or gangster after the fact. There are several short nudity shots and gun shots to the head to satisfy most action lovers, but the story doesn't carry well and it was hard to establish empathy with any of the characters, including Stallone.
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Bullet To The Head

By cresenzoe
Written April 27, 2017
I was surprised I liked it as much as I did, because he really CAN'T act! It was entertaining, and held my interest. The part suited him.
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Stallone Delivers...

By NightHowler
Written June 25, 2016
Smart, great, well written movie. Old fashion shoot 'em up with a twist. And even though Stallone is 66 he carries off the action guy so much better than Schwartzenegger or any of the other "old timers". And Stallone can act....he can say so much with just a simple grunt or scowl. My Chinese partner and I loved the "Asian" jokes, not PC but funny anyway. T
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Was exactly what we expected. Silly popcorn fun.

By Patrick_Seaman
Written July 01, 2016
Don't expect Hamlet here. This is just simple fun. Felt like it should have been shot in Black and White as over the top Film Noir(ish).
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