Was exactly what we expected. Silly popcorn fun.

By Patrick_Seaman
Written September 03, 2015
Don't expect Hamlet here. This is just simple fun. Felt like it should have been shot in Black and White as over the top Film Noir(ish).
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The old guy still has it

By minnie_huntingtonbeach
Written January 27, 2015
A fun romp around New Orleans blowing things up. Shooting bad guys. Funny one liners. Sly is an old guy small time criminal drawn into a DC cop's search for a major crime boss. DC cop is clueless about New Orleans or the extent of the criminal enterprise run by a cruel, ruthless African immigrant with an even more cruel and ruthless henchman. What's not to like?
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By thedoctor777
Written November 29, 2015
This film is indeed an action packed for sure. Stallone still has the moves; but time is running out for this type of high energy movie for him as the main star. Like all R rated movies today way too much cussing and nudity. I guess I am going to have to accept it, if I want to continue seeing new movies that come out. The acting is good and I liked the storyline. It was a well written script and I can see more of this character to come in the future. I found this film to be very entertaining even with the violence and bloody scenes throughout. I can still recommend this one to see because it is a strong film from start to finish.
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By Peneflix
Written March 30, 2015
Which might have been a viable alternative to director Walter Hill’s tale of cops gone rogue; shenanigans of corrupt, New Orleans officials, subculture of drugs, tattooed miscreants and at its centrifugal core, gun-for hire “Jimmy Bobo” played robotically by Sylvester Stallone; a sexagenarian, frog-voiced, terrifyingly –muscled, (possible tips from Lance Armstrong); gone are the empathetic years of “Rocky Balboa”, we do not have to root for “Jimmy” there is not a chance of him being felled; bullets bounce off his chest, seas part; man and nature shudder in his presence... TWO STARS!! ***For full review please visit peneflix (dot) com!!!
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Bottle to the head

By exp93
Written May 05, 2015
what was Stallone thinking? he has a lot of followers including me. I grew up with Stallone. No matter how much hgh you use, you should still not wear skinny jeans at 65. He had Christian Slater in the movie..he had the korean co star..huh?..lets talk about what was good. I was gonna see it whether it was bad or not. Love Stallone. The bad guy was excellent. The daughter excellent. hmmm, i think thats where it ends. I was looking for like a "Get Carter" kinda movie. Nope, nope, nope...make another movie like that and you will be straight to dvd like Jean Claude, Steven Segal
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