By Peneflix
Written February 06, 2013
Which might have been a viable alternative to director Walter Hill’s tale of cops gone rogue; shenanigans of corrupt, New Orleans officials, subculture of drugs, tattooed miscreants and at its centrifugal core, gun-for hire “Jimmy Bobo” played robotically by Sylvester Stallone; a sexagenarian, frog-voiced, terrifyingly –muscled, (possible tips from Lance Armstrong); gone are the empathetic years of “Rocky Balboa”, we do not have to root for “Jimmy” there is not a chance of him being felled; bullets bounce off his chest, seas part; man and nature shudder in his presence... TWO STARS!! ***For full review please visit peneflix (dot) com!!!
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Bottle to the head

By exp93
Written February 07, 2013
what was Stallone thinking? he has a lot of followers including me. I grew up with Stallone. No matter how much hgh you use, you should still not wear skinny jeans at 65. He had Christian Slater in the movie..he had the korean co star..huh?..lets talk about what was good. I was gonna see it whether it was bad or not. Love Stallone. The bad guy was excellent. The daughter excellent. hmmm, i think thats where it ends. I was looking for like a "Get Carter" kinda movie. Nope, nope, nope...make another movie like that and you will be straight to dvd like Jean Claude, Steven Segal
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Expendables Light

By goblinpiledriver
Written February 05, 2013
I went into this movie wanting a rock solid action film. Another Demolition Man would have been excellent. What I was given was a dumb downed version of the Expendables. Same quality of acting, not as many fan favorites. The story was basic like most action films, and sadly super predictable like most action films. There is nothing new here. Jason Mamoa was actually a very good villian but was used so poorly that he seems like a secondary character instead of the person you want Sly to get. Some of the dialogue is very witty and entertaining. Overall this movie is a buy some popcorn, turn off all reason and then try to never think about what you saw or you will hate it. But I would say this movie is worth watching if you are a fan of Sly, or stuff blowing up.
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Good movie overall. Action and some comedy too!

By kimberlymantiply
Written February 04, 2013
My dad and I enjoyed the movie. We have both always been a big fan of Sly Stallone and like most of the movies he is in. Even though he is getting up there in age he still has it.
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Ok, but only ok.

By Spydercage
Written February 05, 2013
Ok, movie but nothing to get excited about. Stallone is the same old Stallone. Granted, you know what your getting when you go to one of his movies. This one is kinda dull, buddy movie jokes fall flat, unnecessary scenes and banter. Not enough Sarah Shahi. I was hoping she would've had a bigger roll, but not to be when Sly wants as much screen time as he can get. This movie was fine for blow em up action but the working parts (acting by some) needs some work and doesn't pull it over the top for me
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